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Unpacking the Carbon Value Chain: Stakeholder Insights and Applied Case Studies

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Designed for mid to senior-level management from financial institutions, corporates and service providers involved in carbon credit development and utilisation, this workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the critical components in creating carbon credits. Deep dive into the carbon credit value chain to understand essential processes and practices at each stage, narrated by key stakeholders.

Event Type: In-person Workshop
Date: 12th June 2024, Wednesday
Time: 13:30-17:30 SGT
Venue: Standard Chartered Bank, 8 Marina Boulevard, Level 21, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1, Singapore 018981

Workshop Fees:

  • SSFA Convening: Complimentary
  • SSFA EXCO: SGD $25
  • SSFA General & Associate Members: SGD $75
  • Non-Members: SGD $150

Participants can expect to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the lifecycle of carbon credit projects, from inception and funding to trading and utilisation by off-takers.
  • Learn about the design and implementation of carbon reduction projects, including the latest financing models and investment strategies.
  • Explore practical case studies & expert insights to understand the real-world challenges and successes in the carbon credit ecosystem.
  • Network and connect with industry experts and peers to share experiences and strategies.


  • Ashley Chan (Director, Investment Group, GenZero)
  • Ellery Sutanto (Head of Exchange, Climate Impact X)
  • Genevieve Ding (APAC Head of Carbon Credits & Nature-based Solutions, Amazon Worldwide Sustainability, Amazon)
  • Jeff Silverman (Senior Director Carbon Development Asia Pacific Region, Conservation International)
  • Louis Booth (Commercial Lead, APAC, Sylvera)
  • Lucy Palairet (Director Carbon Markets Development, Standard Chartered)
  • Roxanne Tan (Managing Consultant, Climate Policy, Finance and Carbon Markets, South Pole)

This workshop aims to deliver in-depth insights from key stakeholders and tackle real-world challenges. Participants will benefit from detailed presentations and practical case studies designed to foster meaningful interactions, actionable takeaways and a richer learning experience.


13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcome and Introduction by Ms Kavitha Menon, Director, SSFA

  • Welcome speakers and participants, provide a brief introduction of SSFA and the genesis of this workshop.
13:40 Introduction to Carbon Markets

  • Speaker: Ms Roxanne Tan, Senior Managing Consultant, Climate Policy, Finance and Carbon Markets, South Pole
  • Provide an overview on the current state of play in carbon markets
  • Introduce the carbon credit value chain and key stakeholder roles
14:25 Perspectives of a Project Developer

  • Speaker: Mr Jeff Silverman, Senior Director of Natural Climate Solutions, Asia Pacific Field Division, Conservation International
  • Discuss the process of designing and implementing carbon projects. Share insights on challenges and best practices in generating high-quality carbon credits
  • Case study sharing quantifying environmental and social impacts of carbon projects
14:45 Perspectives of a Financial Institution 

  • Speaker: Ms Lucy Palairet, Director Carbon Markets Development, Standard Chartered
  • Investment trends in carbon markets, what makes carbon projects bankable, including any real examples; Risk management and challenges finding a commercially viable projects. Case study sharing.
15:05 Perspectives of a Carbon Project Investor 

  • Speaker: Ms Ashley Chan, Director, Investment Group, GenZero
  • Discuss the impact of financial support on the scalability and success of carbon projects
  • Share considerations on balancing risks and reward (for example through rigorous project selection, FPIC and community engagement, and innovative solutions such as concessionary capital and insurance)
15:25 Break (15 minutes)
15:40 Perspectives of a Carbon Data Provider & Ratings Agency

  • Speaker: Mr Louis Booth, Commercial Lead, APAC, Sylvera
  • The role of data, verification and analytics in the credible trading and management of carbon credits. Case study sharing on digital MRV in enabling high quality carbon market projects
16:00 Perspectives of an Intermediary

  • Speaker: Mr Ellery Sutanto, Head of Exchange, Climate Impact X
  • Explain the role of intermediaries and platforms in facilitating carbon credit transactions
  • Share insights on the mechanics of carbon trading and the technologies used, highlighting the end-user experience on their platform
16:20 Perspectives of a Carbon Credit Buyer

  • Speaker: Ms Genevieve Ding, APAC Head of Carbon Credits & Nature-based Solutions, Amazon Worldwide Sustainability
  • Corporate sustainability goals, procurement strategies, challenges in ensuring the integrity and efficacy of purchased credits. Case study sharing of customer purchasing journey
16:40 Establishing Links and Concluding Remarks

  • Speaker: Ms Lucy Palairet, Director Carbon Markets Development, Standard Chartered
  • Summarise insights gleaned, offer own views, invite further views from presenters
17:00 Q&A moderated by SSFA Director – Kavitha Menon
17:30 Networking & Refreshments
18:00 Close of Workshop

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