Singapore Sustainable Finance Association

About Us

The Singapore Sustainable Finance Association (SSFA) is established to collaborate across the financial and real economy sector to support the growth of Singapore as a trusted, vibrant, and inclusive sustainable finance centre.

The SSFA builds on the successful work of the Green Finance Industry Taskforce (GFIT), an industry grouping that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) convened in 2019, to drive four key initiatives – develop taxonomy, improve disclosures, foster green finance solutions, and enhance environmental risk management practices of financial institutions (FIs). The term of GFIT ended in Apr 2023, with substantive deliverables including the Singapore-Asia Taxonomy and implementation guides for environmental risk management and climate disclosures for FIs and companies.

Our Vision

A SSFA that advances leading ideas and drives synergies across the financial and non-financial sectors, to galvanise sustainable finance development in Singapore

Our Mission & Objectives

  • Galvanise the development of sustainable finance ecosystem and promote best sustainable finance practices in Singapore,
  • Facilitate collaboration between the financial and non-financial sectors for sustainable finance to support the low carbon transition and sustainable economic growth of Singapore and the region,
  • Bolster Singapore as an international thought leader in sustainable finance, and
  • Support the deepening of sustainable finance capabilities for the industry in Singapore.



We will promote and support partnerships within financial and non-financial sectors to achieve our mission


We will strive to be a convening center for sustainable finance in Singapore


We shall uphold our core purpose of delivering a positive impact on the deployment of sustainable finance in this region through our advocacy and engagement activities


We will promote Singapore’s leadership in sustainable finance in Asia and globally